Music Collection

In the not too distant past I was a regular music reviewer for a few webzines but my major home was Connexion Bizarre. Sadly CB called it a day as real life got involved and it took a lot of time and energy to run such a big site. It is still live as an archive, but this page will feature my more official scribblings like interviews, reviews, blog posts that have been used elsewhere.


∆AIMON Chrysalide

I was also involved in a series of record label interviews with Connexion Bizarre, and you can find those here. I link to those interviews as those were a joint effort, if my original idea. Most things on here were all my work with the occasional shared review.

Music Blogs/Essays/Call them what you will


3TEETH - 3TEETH 3TEETH - 3TEETH Remixed Abs6 – Audiomedikation
Cacophony - Transmissions Cornucopia - C Works Dalglish - Idiom
Deathboy - End of an Error End - The Dangerous Class Electronic Substance Abuse - The Sea and The Silence
Gazelle Twin - Unflesh The Gothsicles - Sega Lugosi's Dead Hansel – Reshaping Linear Formulai
Jerôme Chassagnard – The Time from Underneath Keef Baker - Redeye Kilowatts - Routes
Kilowatts - The Right Words EP Koolmorf Widesen – Melodies Fork Now Legend - Fearless
Lewsor - No Error Lith - Gaia Millipede – Powerless
Mutation – Error 500 and The Frankenstein Project Nwodtlem – Video πR8 Papercutz - Lylac
Pigface - 17 Ways To Suck SE - Epiphora Sek01 - War Industry
Sergeant Sawtooth - Mescaline Sunao Inami - Delayed Sunao Inami - Used Up and Empty
Terretron - Wither The Empath - Meanwhile This Morn’ Omina – Momentum of Singular Clarity
Tokyo Morose - Specific Ocean Undermathic - Return to Childhood Various Artists - A Tribe Called Glitch Vol.1 – Elements of Circuitry
Various Artists - A Weevil in a Biscuit Various Artists - CUE Compilation 3 Various Artists - Emerging Organisms Vol.2
Various Artists - Electr-Ohm Compilation 1 Various Artists - Materia Oscura Various Artists - C:\>_THOMAR
Rewind: VAST - VAST Wentworth Kersey – (O) Wentworth Kersey – ((O))
Ybrid – Khaos de Viscera Zentriert Ins Antlitz – …No Zero Degree - Probe