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I thought it might be best to tell you about the title of this blog. Admittedly it is a little strange but if you know me, it isn’t so strange after all.

The name came about during an evening out (seeing The Real Tuesday Weld, or at least Stephen Coates) and I was rummaging through my handbag, not entirely sure what I was looking for, but in exasperation I said “I swear to god my handbag is nothing but cables and lipstick!”, to which Rin replied that it would be a good name for a blog. Wanting to re-start my somewhat patchy writing about music hobby, this seemed perfect timing.

So yes, I am pretty much a geek for music, technology and make up; if the contents of my handbag are anything to go by.

This blog will be music only. Some of you may have seen other blogs and I am determined to leave naval gazing behind me, and focus on something that has constantly kept me on the straight and narrow (mostly) and that’s music. Pretty much any music will be featured here, any genre, anywhere the muse leads me to. So welcome to my little corner of the music internet.

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